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Global Nodes Meeting 2021

GBIF node managers and node staff met for the first virtual global gathering from 28 June to 2 July!

Global Nodes Meeting 2021 Report

Click here to download the meeting report


Global Nodes Meetings are an opportunity for all GBIF nodes to come together to learn from each other, discuss ideas, develop best practices, share their concerns, define recommendations and set priorities.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Nodes Steering Group (NSG) decided to hold the first-ever virtual global nodes meeting this year. The idea was presented to the nodes in a community webinar in February.

The agenda for this event was developed following a consultation with all nodes on ideas for the virtual nodes meetings in 2021.


The meeting targets the nodes community (Node managers and Nodes staff), with invited observers who wish to learn more about GBIF and the work of the nodes. Participation in the meeting will require pre-registration for each session.

Participation must follow GBIF’s code of conduct.

Recordings of the sessions will be publicly available from this website and can be shared with the broader community.

Meeting format

The meeting will combine:

  • Pre-recorded presentations that will be available from this website ahead of sessions for participants to watch at a time that suits their location
  • Online discussion forums using the GBIF community forum, allowing participants to comment on the presentations and raise questions for discussion
  • Live sessions focusing on interactions between nodes, and with the Secretariat.

All activities will take place in the week 28 June–2 July 2021. The registration process allows you to register for specific sessions individually. All sessions will be recorded and the videos will be available from the website for viewing afterwards.

Optional preparatory activity – Introduction to GBIF training

GBIF has developed a new self-paced training module, entitled ‘Introduction to GBIF’, which we plan to use across all our training courses in future.

Intro to GBIF self-paced training module

We invite nodes to review the contents of this first edition and let us know your feedback in the GBIF Community forum. This training will be especially relevant for any new nodes wishing to gain familiarity with GBIF’s work ahead of the global nodes meeting.