Marine data mobilization session

Goal To update the community on the collaboration between GBIF and OBIS and discuss how we can work together on marine data mobilization

Please view the presentations ahead of the live panel discussion and use the GBIF community forum to ask questions.

OBIS-GBIF introduction

Presentation by Ward Appeltans, Project Manager at OBIS

Welcome statement from Martha Vides

Presentation by Martha Vides, OBIS

OBIS and GBIF commonalities and differences

Presentation by Abby Benson, OBIS USA

Interoperable and reusable research data in OBIS

Presentation by Pieter Provoost, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, OBIS Data Manager

Collaboration between OBIS and GBIF nodes

Presentation by Anton Van de Putte, Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility (ANTABIF)

Norwegian GBIF marine datasets from OBIS

Presentation by Rukaya Johaadien, Norwegian GBIF Node Staff

Live session: OBIS Marine data mobilization

Facilitators: Ward Appeltans, OBIS, and Abby Benson, OBIS USA and US GBIF Node